The ABCB's calculators are popular tools among building industry practitioners.

We have released a new Sanitary Facilities Calculator (SF Calculator).

About the calculator

The SF Calculator assists with understanding Part F2 (Sanitary and other facilities) of NCC Volume One and calculating the required number of sanitary facilities for building projects.

Tips for using the calculator

Using the SF Calculator is easy – just select the building classification and enter the number of occupants the building is designed for. Based on this information, the calculator provides the required number of sanitary facilities including (where applicable) closet pans, wash basins, urinals, showers and baths. Supporting notes sourced from Part F2 are also provided to suit the building classification selected.

By also entering the number of building levels and banks of toilets, the calculator will also assist to calculate the required number of accessible unisex sanitary facilities.

Please note this calculator was created and designed using Excel 2013 on Windows 10. Windows 7 and 10 users should ensure they have applied recommended Microsoft updates to their operating systems and for Excel 2013. Compatibility with other versions and operating systems is not guaranteed.

Access the calculator

The Sanitary Facilities Calculator is available to download from the resource library.