Standards Australia has entered into a new distribution agreement with Techstreet, a Clarivate Analytics company, to deliver greater access to content supporting innovation, safety and compliance in industries and communities across Australia.

Under the new agreement, Techstreet will become an additional distributor of Standards Australia’s content. As part of this agreement, Standards Australia and Techstreet have launched a new webstore operated by Techstreet. Available now, this platform is designed to enrich the experience for users of standards and other technical documents. The new distribution arrangement also provides the option of accessing standards via the Techstreet subscription model.


Following the important arbitration win from last year, which supported Standards Australia’s position that future distribution of its content will not be on an exclusive basis, Standards Australia has been working towards opening up access to its content with the needs of our stakeholders and users front of mind. This process has included comprehensive consultation in each capital city across Australia seeking views on our Distribution and Licensing Policy Discussion Paper.

Heading to each capital city has enabled Standards Australia to canvass the views of industry, community groups, business, governments, students, and apprentices and to hear firsthand what has worked well and what can improve in the future.

This is an exciting step towards delivering greater value and improving access to Australian Standards, to be taken following careful consideration ensuring Standards Australia’s long term sustainability and the ability to increase the reach and relevance of its content across Australia.

What is next?

All of the progress to date is positive news, but there is much more to come. In coming months, the submissions received and comments gathered at consultations will be collated and considered as future distribution processes are finalised by Standards Australia.

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