When we refer to B2 deficiency, one could think we're referring to Vitamin B2.

Well not in this case. What we're referring to is Part B2 in Volume Three of the NCC, which refers to heated water services!
This Part sets out the requirements for any part of a heated water service of a property that is connected to the drinking water supply and applies to both hot and warm water systems.

Warm water systems handbook

To assist practitioners in applying these provisions, the Warm water systems handbook is the latest in a suite resources developed by the ABCB.

As there is no Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions for warm water systems, the handbook assists in understanding the key considerations in designing, installing and maintaining a warm water system, through information sourced from Commonwealth, State and Territory regulatory and advisory publications, manufacturers’ technical material and the NCC Volume Three - The PCA. The handbook may be used to guide the development of a Performance Solution.


As part of the ABCB’s 2014-15 work program, plumbing code development research delivered a report on warm water systems. This report provided a study of current design, installation and maintenance practices for warm water systems. It identified similarities in technical details within a range of literature reviewed but also highlighted variations in relevant plumbing regulatory controls. It also found that some states and territories develop their own requirements for reference within their respective health regulations, some being prescriptive and some risk-based. It includes system design options, temperature control measures, bacterial control considerations, and applicable state and territory regulatory and guidance material.

The handbook is based on the research report which provides further guidance to practitioners seeking to demonstrate compliance with the heated water services requirements of NCC Volume Three, Part B2.

Other non-regulatory alternatives

The ABCB develops resources to support practitioners in improving their understanding and competent use the NCC. It considers non-regulatory alternatives such as non-mandatory handbooks where appropriate.

Handbooks expand on areas of existing regulation or relate to topics which have for a variety of reasons, been deemed inappropriate for regulation. They provide non-mandatory advice and guidance.

In addition to the Warm water systems handbook, the ABCB has another 9 handbooks available in its resource library. The topics they address range from fire safety, energy efficiency, condensation, structure and access.