Summer’s devastating bushfires presented many challenges for communities and individuals across Australia.

With our country facing more challenges in 2020, it is crucial that those affected by the fires have the tools and opportunities to rebuild as resiliently as possible.

AS 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas

Standards Australia is aware how important standards are in building resilient structures. In an effort to support communities, Standards Australia has announced it will make AS 3959:2018, Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas accessible to all Australians at no cost to the public until June 2021.

This initiative became possible because of important changes to the Standards Australia’s Distribution and Licensing Framework late last year. It highlights the opportunity the organisation now has to contribute towards important national initiatives in Australia.

During difficult times, Standards Australia is committed to supporting communities as much as we can. Any Australians who are rebuilding are encouraged to access this standard as needed.

The standard and the NCC

A committee that represents regulators, emergency services, and some of the leading experts in the area, developed the standard. The standard aims to better equip houses with the ability to withstand fires.

The NCC references the standard as a Deemed-To-Satisfy Solution. It is referenced in Volume Two, as an Acceptable Construction Manual.

For Class 2 and 3 buildings and associated Class 10a (e.g. deck), G5.2 of Volume One requires compliance with AS 3959.

As communities, governments, councils and individuals continue to rebuild, Standards Australia hopes this key standard will assist in the building process and help ensure homeowners avoid at least one additional expense during this difficult time.

How to access the Standard

The standard is available from the SAI Global website. You will need to select the PDF-English-DRM Product Format.

Need more information?

More information is available from the Australian Government's media release. If you have any questions, feedback or queries, you can also get in touch with our Stakeholder Engagement Team.