NCC provision A2.2(4) came into effect on 1 July 2021 and sets out the formal process and documentation required when developing a Performance Solution.

As an energy assessor, or any practitioner using the NCC energy efficiency provisions to develop a Performance Solution, there may be many challenges. To assist practitioners, the ABCB has developed a range of supporting materials.

One of these resources is a video by Evan Logan, Sustainability Consultant and former ABCB Subject Matter Expert for performance-based design. The video outlines the process for developing and documenting a Performance Solution for Section J Energy efficiency.

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Applying the Performance Solution process: Energy Efficiency Case Study View transcript

More about the video

Evan walks through the process contained in A2.2(4), focusing on aspects an accredited energy assessor may face with relation to emerging technologies, products and technical solutions for providing compliance with Section J.

He also presents the methodology for documenting a Performance Solution in alignment with NCC A2.2(4) via a case study on a proposed petrol station in South Australia, climate zone 5.

The case study uses a whole building model to test and compare the differences between the proposed building and a reference building, allowing a quantifiable comparison with Deemed-to-Satisfy Provisions, in accordance with A2.2.

Want more information?

The ABCB has a range of other useful resources on developing Performance Solutions, available from the ABCB’s resource library.