The Building Confidence Report (BCR) has been recognised as a key driver for change not only for the construction industry, but also for education.

Part of the ABCB’s response to the BCR includes supporting the tertiary education sector through curriculum input and targeted resources to improve entry-level knowledge of the NCC.

Our educational resource, NCC Tutor, helps educators in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector teach their students how to understand, use and apply the NCC in their future day-to-day work as a practitioner.

Why is teaching the NCC in tertiary education important?

Consumer confidence in the construction industry has been challenged in light of high-profile building defects. A lack of understanding of how to interpret and apply the NCC has often been recognised as part of the problem.

Since undergraduate and entry level training is often the first step in a career path in the building and construction industry, a practical knowledge of how to interpret and use the NCC should be a key competency requirement for all graduates of building and construction related tertiary courses.

Tertiary institutions need to equip their graduates with the skills and knowledge to hit the ground running in an industry where compliance with the NCC is a critical requirement for a successful career. 

Access NCC Tutor

If you’re an educator teaching about the NCC, we recommend NCC Tutor. It’s available in a module format to use as an in-class teaching presentation and as ready-to-go recorded lessons that students can complete at their own pace.