We are now seeking comment on a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (CRIS) providing an analysis of proposed amendments to the residential energy efficiency provisions included in stage 2 of NCC 2022 public comment draft (PCD).

The CRIS provides an analysis of the cost and benefits of the proposed increases in the stringency of the energy efficiency requirements for residential buildings.

The CRIS will be available to interested parties via an online consultation survey via our Consultation Hub, for comment until 11:59 PM AEST Sunday 7 November 2021. A number of specific questions are included in the CRIS to guide areas for feedback.

To support stakeholders in providing informed comment on the CRIS, resources are available via the Related Documents section on the Consultation Overview page:

  • NCC 2022 residential energy efficiency provisions – the CRIS explained
  • Costs and Benefits of Upgrading Building Fabric from 6 to 7 Stars (Tony Isaacs Consulting)
  • NCC 2022 Update - Whole of House Component (Energy Efficient Strategies)

Responses to the CRIS will be used by the ABCB Office to inform the development of the Final RIS. The Final RIS will be used by decision makers on whether to include the proposed provisions in the NCC 2022.

NCC 2022 PCD (stage 2)

NCC 2022 PCD (stage 2) is open for consultation until 11:59 PM AEST 17 October 2021. You can view the draft and supporting documentation on the ABCB’s Consultation Hub.

You will still be able to view the draft once the public comment period has closed.