The Office of the ABCB is pleased to introduce a new website.

As part of developing a more user-friendly online NCC, we’ve refreshed our entire suite of digital products to deliver a tailored and more engaging experience.

New website

In early 2020, the Office of the ABCB engaged stakeholders via an online survey to establish user needs for the online NCC and ABCB website. Survey responses informed the development of a new ABCB corporate website and 3 ‘microsites’ for the NCC, WaterMark and CodeMark.

The websites have been launched with their new visual identities and come with greatly improved functionality, such as enhanced searchability, a new resource library and a reorganised information architecture. These changes will ensure stakeholders can access information quickly and easily, with the new sites even delineated into separate areas for practitioners and consumers.

Most importantly, the new NCC Online microsite will ensure a much more user-friendly experience, with a ‘mobile-first’ design to better reflect the needs of users. This includes an improved search functionality utilising Google’s algorithms.

Important: Due to our privacy policy, when first accessing your NCC Online account via the new site, you will need to reset your password. You can do this by clicking ‘Reset password’ underneath the login. In accordance with Australian Government security protocols, passwords need to be at least 14 characters long and consist of at least one symbol, lowercase and uppercase characters.

Soon some of your favourite NCC Online features, like clause-level links to online resources and ‘The Guide to the NCC’, will be reintroduced and expanded upon. Following this, we are excited to announce that the next significant change will be content filtering options, allowing practitioners to filter the NCC clauses based on their current building project.

Monthly newsletter

Along with the launch of the new website, the Office of the ABCB is also launching a new monthly newsletter from the beginning of August. It will contain a combination of curated and created content such as current industry news, the latest ABCB public consultations, upcoming industry events and new resources.

If you have already opted-in to receive the former ‘ABCB Connect’ as part of your NCC online profile, you don’t need to update anything. You will automatically start receiving the new newsletter in August.

You can check your subscription by signing into your NCC Online profile and selecting Monthly Newsletter under your Areas of Interest. And if you aren’t already a registered user, you can sign up here.   

And please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.