The 2022 edition of the National Construction Code (NCC 2022) contains new provisions that will improve the suitability of new Australian homes for people with mobility constraints.

The Livable Housing Standard is a significant advance in providing more housing options for people with physical disabilities and older Australians and will apply to new houses and apartments.

Finalising provisions

Ahead of commencement of NCC 2022, the ABCB has been finalising publication of the Livable Housing Standard and preparing to support industry. As part of a final quality control review, a draft exemption for small units under 55m2 (published in the Preview of Volume One) has been removed. This exemption, raised in public submissions, had not been formally assessed for suitability or impact and should not have been incorporated in the Preview.

Supporting Implementation – Establishment of a new advisory committee

A key initiative to support implementation is the establishment of a Livable Housing Implementation Advisory Committee (the LHIAC or Committee). The Committee will bring together representatives of user groups, advocates, design professionals, regulators and the construction industry to work through any emerging technical issues and help shape the preparation of information to help implementation.

ABCB Chief Executive Officer, Gary Rake, said, “This is a big reform. It offers a new level of inclusion in our housing and will make Australian homes more suitable for all stages of life.”

“With any big reform, we know that questions will arise about how to deal with particular technical requirements or scenarios. We are staying actively involved in the implementation of these provisions to help industry, states and territories and new home buyers all get the best outcome.”

“Bringing a small group together, representing all the most interested groups, will help us develop workable consensus positions on any questions that arise.”

To maximise transparency, accountability and responsiveness, the LHIAC will be a small group but members will be encouraged to openly consult with their peers and to bring forward the broadest possible range of views.

The meeting papers and a record of all meetings will be published on the ABCB website and available for distribution to interested parties.

The Livable Housing Implementation Advisory Group will be convened in September 2022.

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