With the release of the 2022 National Construction Code (NCC), we are building on the success of providing the code free online with features that make it easier for you to access and use the NCC. 

Online registration was initially required as we made the NCC available as a free digital version. However, from 1 October 2022, while we still recommend signing-up for NCC online, registration and log-in is no longer essential.

Benefits of registering for NCC Online

There are some great benefits when you do register and log-in when accessing the NCC:

  • Stay up to date! Our newsletter sign-up is through your registration profile. Make sure your registration and email address is up to date to receive the latest NCC news, educational resources and useful articles through our email newsletter and announcements.
  • Access upcoming new features for NCC Online which will improve and customise your NCC online experience, only available for logged-in users. New features will be announced in the coming months, such as the soon to be released “Build Your Own Code” feature where you can tailor your view of the NCC based on individual building projects.

Creating or updating your profile

Whether you are a new user of the NCC or if you already have an account, please make sure that your profile information is correct and up to date, including the information you would like to receive from us.

  • ‘Announcements’ is used for one-off emails sent to you based on your preferred areas of interest. Also, subscribing to this list ensures you receive important announcements or changes to the NCC. For example, throughout a public comment draft period or the adoption of a new edition.
  • ‘Newsletter’ adds you to our monthly news wrap-up covering all the latest articles and resources from our website, delivered straight into your email inbox!

To access your profile, the account log-in button is located at the top right of each page on the ABCB website. If you have forgotten your password, you can update it by selecting ‘Reset password’ and following the prompts.

If you have any questions, please submit an online enquiry.