Here’s the key changes to structural safety for NCC 2022.

We’re providing a series of articles to give you a snap shot of some changes that may impact your work when NCC 2022 is adopted by states and territories.

Open up the NCC, and we’ll step you through some of the key changes to the structural safety requirements in NCC 2022.

Remember, NCC 2022 also has a new referencing system. We’ve included both the new and the previous NCC 2019 references, to help you identify what has changed.

Masonry construction (Volume Two: ABCB Housing Provisions)

Part 5 (2019: Part 3.3) is restructured and aligns with typical masonry construction in houses (i.e. cavity masonry, unreinforced masonry, etc.).

New content is included to expand the DTS Provisions.

Structural steel framing (Volume Two: ABCB Housing Provisions)

Part 6.3 (2019: 3.4.4) is restructured and aligns with typical steel construction in houses.

Footing and slabs (Volume Two)

H1D4 (2019: 3.2.0 and 3.2.1) has reduced the scope of the ABCB Housing Provisions to soil classifications A, S and M. Some slab dimensions that the Housing Provisions apply to are also reduced.

The Housing Provisions includes changes to stump supports. Additional design tables to expand the DTS Provisions are also included.

Structural safety (Volume One)

In B1D3 (2019: B1.2) a notional permanent load is included for Class 7b buildings to account for possible future installation of solar photovoltaic panels.

Quantification of structural safety Performance Requirements (Volumes One and Two)

We are grateful for the feedback provided on our proposal to further quantify the structural safety Performance Requirements (Part B1), as set out in the Public Comment Draft of NCC 2022.

While these provisions have not been included in NCC 2022, work continues on this important project and we’ll consider an updated proposal in a future NCC.

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