We are excited to announce our NCC 2022 Webinar Series planned for March 2023.

These webinars will focus on energy efficiency, condensation management and livable housing.

Registrations will open in early 2023, so keep an eye out for more information about that. In the meantime we have some information below about what you can expect.

When will these webinars be held?

These online events will be held in March 2023 – exact schedule to be confirmed. Each webinar will go for around 1-1.5 hrs – including a Q&A.

Timing is likely to be a mix of morning, early afternoon and late afternoon sessions, to allow you to attend at least one session for each topic at a time that suits you.

Why should I attend?

To learn about changes in NCC 2022 for energy efficiency, condensation management and livable housing. You may also be able to use your attendance certificate to claim CPD from your CPD scheme.

How do I register?

Registrations for these online events will open in late January or early February. Keep an eye on our website and social channels for more information.