This is a significant year for the National Construction Code, with NCC 2022 commencing on 1 May 2023 and the modern homes provisions (combinations of Residential Energy Efficiency, Condensation Management and Livable Housing Design) commencing in most jurisdictions from 1 October 2023 (check with your local authority to see how this applies to you).

While the research, analysis and drafting of these projects has been the major focus of ABCB work in recent years, the job is not yet done. We now move into the production of guidance and education materials to help people understand and apply these new provisions correctly.

Resource library

Across our various communication methods (and we mix it up in the hope that we’ll find a way to reach everyone) we have already issued almost 100 resources and educational items to support NCC 2022. If you missed this information, or would like a refresher, head to our Resources page to see the helpful material we have available.

We are now moving into a phase of providing further information and education to support Residential Energy Efficiency, Condensation Management and Livable Housing Design. Over coming months, you’ll see guidance and information shared across all our channels.

Webinar series

Of course, the best way to learn about these new provisions is to join our webinar series in late March 2023. In late March, we’ll present several sessions individually covering Residential Energy Efficiency, Condensation Management and Livable Housing – with a presentation and live Q&A at each. We will also make a recording of the presentation for each session and you’ll be able to view the videos any time you like.

Webinar registrations will open soon – so keep an eye on our News and Events page.

Livable Housing Design Standard

While talking about NCC 2022 provisions, I’d like to offer a big thank you to a small group of people who formed a Livable Housing Implementation Advisory Committee. Through the last few months of 2022, this Committee helped us refine and finalise the Livable Housing Design Standard. I won’t embarrass the participants by naming them all (you know who you are!) but I would like to record my gratitude for the way representatives of advocate groups, key industry representative organisations and design professionals came together to work through some refinements in design and buildability. This work will ensure these important reforms are successfully implemented by industry and will deliver the intended benefits to future residents of new homes in Australia!

That’s all for this month.