This month I'd like to focus a bit more on some of our initiatives to improve transparency in the way we work.

Since late 2022, we've been publishing a short public record after each Board meeting. These give a snapshot of the things the Board is discussing at each meeting. The record from our July meeting is now available.

Earlier this year, we also published a new Charter of Transparency and Engagement and forecast that we would hold our first public forum this year. Well, that time has now come!

On 8 August, Board Chair Glenys Beauchamp AO PSM and I will be on stage at the National Museum of Australia, and live-streamed online, to hear your views and answer your questions about any aspect of our work. Online registrations are now open. Attendance is free but places are limited (mainly so we can try to get to all questions). 

We are especially keen to hear about the challenges you foresee for new buildings as we move towards 2050. It used to sound a long way off...but as we close the gate on new ideas for the next edition of the NCC, there are likely to be fewer than 10 editions between now and 2050!

What do you think the community, industry and governments will expect of new buildings over that period? What do we need to prepare for?

We are also keen to hear about our product conformity schemes, WaterMark and CodeMark. What do you think are the strengths and weaknesses?  What else can we do to maximise the benefit of these schemes?

Of course, as Chair and CEO, Glenys and I are the first to admit that we are not technical experts. Please be kind to us. If there are technical questions raised on the night, we'll need to take them on notice - but we'll keep a list and make sure we get a response back to you, where possible, after the event.

I'm looking forward to this event. I hope it helps shine an even brighter light on our work.