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The Guide to NCC Volume One is being incorporated into NCC 2022 Volume One online. It’s being updated in stages over the coming months. In the meantime, where technical requirements have not changed from NCC 2019, the NCC 2019 Guide to Volume One remains relevant.

When will the Guide be available?

Over the coming months, the NCC 2022 Guide to Volume One will be published in NCC Volume One on NCC Online. It will be updated in several stages.

The Guide is expected to be complete by December 2023.

We will keep you updated through our social media channels and website.

How will I find the Guide?

The NCC 2022 Guide to Volume One is being incorporated into NCC Online with guidance information published adjacent to the relevant provision. This replaces the separate Guide to Volume One document published for previous NCC editions.

How can I use the 2019 Guide while the Guide is being updated?

NCC 2022 Volume One and NCC 2019 Volume One use different clause references. A lexicon is available on our website, which provides a table aligning the BCA 2022 references with the BCA 2019 references. This document helps with navigation between the clause references in NCC 2022 Volume One and the references in the 2019 Guide to Volume One.

A list of amendments incorporated in NCC 2022 is also available. This document helps to determine if a technical change has occurred in NCC 2022 that would potentially cause the 2019 Guide commentary to be outdated.

Looking for more information on NCC 2022?

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