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National Construction Code Public Comment Draft

At the ABCB we’ve been working to get ready to release the National Construction Code (NCC) Public Comment Draft (PCD) on 1 May 2024. The NCC PCD is the major public consultation process in the development of the National Construction Code. The NCC Public Comment Draft consultation is your opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed changes to the next edition of the NCC. 

Your invitation to the NCC Public Comment Draft

Some of the significant amendments proposed for the next edition of the NCC include:

  • Commercial building energy efficiency changes aim to reduce emissions and move to a net zero future, while delivering a massive economic benefit for the nation. The changes provide cost-effective, fuel and technology neutral ways for buildings to move towards a net zero future. They also encourage the switch to electric vehicles.
  • Condensation mitigation changes aim to better manage the risk of condensation in the residential parts of some buildings. These changes will improve people’s health outcomes and decrease building rot by reducing condensation and mould in modern buildings.
  • Waterproofing and water shedding changes aim to reduce the incidence of building defects caused by poor management of surface and sub-surface water. These will reduce financial and wellbeing costs incurred by homeowners, community and the economy.

Other proposed changed being made to the next edition of the NCC will be announced on 1 May.

ABCB events

Registrations have opened for the upcoming ABCB Roadshow events. At these events, Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) staff will discuss key proposed changes for the next edition of the NCC. These events are also an opportunity to ask questions about the proposed changes.

The ABCB will also be hosting 2 webinars specifically related to proposed changes for plumbing in the next edition of the NCC. This will make it easier for plumbing practitioners to get the information they need. Registrations will be opening soon!

Modular and prefabricated buildings and building products

At the Building Ministers’ Meeting in March 2024, Ministers asked us to work with industry and other parts of government to support the use of offsite manufacturing, including modular and prefabricated buildings and building products, to help meet national targets for the construction of new homes. We’ll be working closely with the Building 4.0 CRC and industry bodies such as PreFabAus to clarify existing pathways and to prepare for the development and use of new and innovative products and processes into the future.

Australian Building Codes Board Meeting

The first two Board meetings of 2024 were held in February and March. The Board outlined key items for Ministerial consideration. These items include consumer confidence, sustainability in housing, and considered proposed amendments to the next edition of the NCC. In other matters, the Board endorsed the release of a ‘live’ NCC document register. More information will be provided once the register is developed. Additionally, the draft Business Plan for 2024-25 is under further review. Read the Public Records of these Board meetings for February and March.

Lead Free WaterMark certified products

Seven WaterMark Conformity Assessment Bodies (WMCABs) have extended their scope of accreditation to include certification to the new lead free requirements in the NCC. To date, the WaterMark Product Database lists 8,808 Lead Free WaterMark certified products, on 98 licences, across 14 product categories. Most of these products are taps, valves and copper alloy fittings. 

The ABCB continues to work with key stakeholders to support the transition to lead free plumbing products. I would like to thank the plumbing industry for responding positively to these changes.