Our new Commercial energy efficiency handbook is now available. This handbook provides guidance on the NCC 2022 energy efficiency requirements for Class 3 and Class 5 to Class 9 commercial buildings. It also complements the Apartment energy efficiency and Housing energy efficiency handbooks released in 2023. Together, these handbooks are intended to help you understand and comply with the NCC 2022 requirements for energy efficiency. 

These energy efficiency handbooks:

  • focus on available compliance options
  • provide links to other guidance and support materials
  • consider the needs of various types of practitioners. 

The Commercial energy efficiency handbook supersedes the NCC 2019 Volume One Energy efficiency handbook. It includes guidance on Performance Requirements, compliance pathways, and new provisions for electric vehicles and on-site renewable energy equipment. 

The changes to energy efficiency provisions in NCC 2022 are intended to:

  • reduce energy use in commercial building design
  • reduce energy use by key equipment in commercial buildings
  • improve occupant health and amenity.

The Commercial energy efficiency handbook is the latest in our large range of handbooks and guidance materials to support your understanding of the NCC.