AS 1432:2004
    Copper tubes for plumbing, gasfitting and drainage applications
    Specifies requirements for seamless copper tubes intended for use in pressure and non-pressure plumbing, gasfitting and drainage applications.RECONFIRMATION NOTICETechnical Committee WS-018 has reviewed the content of this publication and in accordance with Standards Australia procedures for reconfirmation, it has been determined that the publication is still valid and does not require change.Certain documents referenced in the publication may have been amended since the original date of publication. Users are advised to ensure that they are using the latest versions of such documents as appropriate, unless advised otherwise in this Reconfirmation Notice.Approved for reconfirmation in accordance with Standards Australia procedures for reconfirmation on 5 October 2016.The following are represented on Technical Committee WS-018:Australasian Corrosion AssociationAustralian Industry GroupEnergy Networks AssociationInternational Copper Association AustraliaMaster Plumbers AustraliaPlumbing Products Industry Group
    WM Specification
    Adoption Date
    7 Jul 2004