In March 2022, the Board agreed to implement new bushfire provisions for certain Class 9 buildings in the NCC.

The new requirements will apply to:

- Class 9a health-care buildings;
- Class 9b early childhood centres, primary and secondary schools; and
- Class 9c residential care buildings.

The provisions will be available to preview from May 2022 and will take effect on 1 September 2022.

A Decision RIS was prepared to support the Board’s decision. The Decision RIS was prepared following the development of a Preliminary Impact Analysis and extensive consultation with industry and government representatives. The Decision RIS was assessed as compliant with the Regulatory Impact Analysis Guide for Ministers’ Meetings and National Standard Setting Bodies by the Office of Best Practice Regulation.

The Decision RIS examined the status quo, implementing a regulatory option and developing a non-regulatory handbook and consequently supported the regulatory option.