This video discusses if it is suitable to place a basin within the 1.2 m clear space within a sanitary compartment.


Can I put a basin in the "clear space"? This is a question about F2.5 in Volume One and in Volume Two, Construction of Sanitary Compartments. The requirements are the same in both volumes.

However, this clause here is from Volume Two. The door to a fully enclosed entry compartment must open outwards or slide or be readily removable from the outside. So this normally means lift-off hinges. But you don't have to do any of these things if you have a clear space of at least 1.2 meters between the closet pan and the doorway. So I can't put the toilet pan in this space if I want an inward opening door without liftoffs. What about a basin or what about a shower, or what about all sorts of other things that you find in a bathroom?

Well, when considering questions like this, it's good practice to consider why the provision exists. The relevant performance requirement is a good place to start, and for Volume Two, it's P2.4.3 . For Volume One, it's FP2.5 and it's exactly the same. This provision is all about removing an unconscious person from a sanitary compartment.

You see, there are some conditions where somebody who is unwell will feel like they need to sit on a toilet, and so they do. And while they're there, they become unconscious and collapse to the floor. And so when the first responder comes to help, they try to open the door, but the swing of the door is obstructed by the person and it's difficult to get in. Ambulance officers will push the door to slide the patient across the floor and so make space to get in.

But if this patient slides against the toilet, then there's no more space available to get in. And that's why we have There's a clear space that must be provided, but can we place a basin in that "clear space"?

Well, we the ABCB office, say yes. We say this because the provision is applying that clear space to the closet pan, with reference to the doorway. The provision is referring to the closet pan itself. And we also say this because the history of this provision is that when it was originally designed, the problem itself was the toilet pan getting in the way, there wasn't a problem with basins and other things, including the wall that you see in this diagram. And typically, as you see here, basins aren't a problem. If that toilet was in that 1200 zone, then things will be very cramped, it would make it very difficult to get somebody out.

But the scenario outlined here where the toilet isn't in that zone but the basin is, we say complies with and F2.5. We have an article about this on our website. It's on ABCB connect and it's titled Construction of Sanitary Compartments, and I recommend that to you.

Can I put a basin in the "clear space"? Well we the ABCB office, say yes you can.