In this video we set out to explain how to identify what plumbing products require WaterMark certification.


Voice Over: In this video we’re going to discuss the types of products that require WaterMark certification and how to know if a product has been certified.

[Music plays and a title page with the text What Requires WaterMark? appears along with the WaterMark logo. A voice over (female) is heard]

Voice Over: WaterMark is a mandatory scheme for the certification of plumbing and drainage products.

[Image changes and the WaterMark logo zooms towards, and then passed, camera. An image of a house with four rooms is briefly displayed]

Voice Over: It provides assurance to consumers that plumbing and drainage systems work properly and the water you use is safe.

[Image changes and reveals a woman, holding a glass under the sink tap. A plumber turns on the tap, water fills the glass and the woman drinks the water]

Voice Over: All products that are intended to be used in a plumbing and drainage installation must undergo a risk assessment. This is to identify any likely risk of manufacturing faults and installation failures.

[Image changes and a clipboard with a checklist appears. As various plumbing products flick through the screen, ticks (and one cross) appear down the checklist]

Voice Over: Products with identified risks that require mitigation through the WaterMark certification Scheme, are listed on the WaterMark Schedule of Products.

[Image changes and a computer monitor is revealed, first displaying the WaterMark website and then the Schedule of Products page]

Voice Over: Likewise, products with identified risks that don’t require WaterMark certification are listed on the Schedule of Excluded Products.

[Image holds and the cursor moves to click on and open the Schedule of Excluded Products page]

Voice Over: Both schedules can be found on the WaterMark website.

[Image holds and the cursor moves to click on and open a search bar. The WaterMark website URL is entered]

Voice Over: So how do you know if a plumbing material or product has been WaterMark certified?

[Image changes and a droplet containing the text “WaterMark certified?” falls from a pipe (in the shape of a question mark) and zooms to the centre of screen]

Voice Over: A certified plumbing or drainage product has been evaluated to the applicable product specification, and is issued with a WaterMark Certificate of Conformity with a WaterMark licence number.

[Image changes and a mobile phone is shown, displaying an electronic certificate of conformity]

Voice Over: The licence number, with the WaterMark certification trademark, must be included on the product or its packaging when sold.

[Image changes and various plumbing products move through the screen. As they do, the WaterMark certification trademark appears and is placed onto the products]

Voice Over: The product and its certification details must also be listed in the WaterMark Product Database, located on the WaterMark website.

[Image changes and a computer monitor is revealed. The cursor moves to click on and open the WaterMark Product Database]

Voice Over: The database allows users to search for certificates and products by WaterMark licence number, brand name, model name, model ID, licensee name or product description.

[Image holds and the cursor scrolls the webpage. As the product search filters are voiced, the respective button is highlighted]

Voice Over: The ABCB has another YouTube video called ‘WaterMark - Using the Product Database’ which explains how to use the database. This clip is also available on the WaterMark website.

[Image holds on the computer monitor and the cursors moves to click on and open the page displaying the WaterMark – Using the Product Database video]

Voice Over: But what does it mean when you cannot find a WaterMark or licence number on either the product, its packaging or in the Product Database? This could mean one of three things.

[Image changes and a droplet containing the text “No WaterMark or Licence number?” falls from a pipe (in the shape of a question mark) and zooms to the centre of screen. Image changes and various plumbing products are displayed as question marks replace the WaterMark certification trademark]

Voice Over: Firstly, not all plumbing and drainage materials and products require WaterMark certification and authorisation. You can check the WaterMark Schedule of Excluded Products to find out.

[Image changes to display a hardcopy of the Schedule of Excluded Products]

Voice Over: Secondly, it could be a new or innovative product that needs a risk evaluation to be undertaken to determine whether it is required to be WaterMark certified or not.

[Image changes to display a magazine with “Innovative Product” written on the front cover]

Voice Over: WaterMark CABs can undertake risk evaluations.

[Image changes and a computer monitor displaying the Conformity Assessment Bodies webpage is shown]

Voice Over: Thirdly, if the product type is listed as requiring WaterMark certification in the Schedule of Products, and the product cannot be found on the Database, the chances are it has not been WaterMark certified. This means it may not be authorised for use in a plumbing or drainage installation.

[Image changes and the product database is displayed on a computer monitor. A search is attempted but returns zero results. Image changes and a showerhead is shown, with a big red cross placed over it]

Voice Over: You should check this with your local plumbing practitioner or approving authority.

[Image changes and a map of Australia is revealed. Dots depicting plumbing practitioners and approving authorities are shown across the country]

Voice Over: For further information about WaterMark or to find out how to have a product certified, visit the WaterMark website.

[Image changes to first show the WaterMark logo and website and then the ABCB logo and website]