In this video we provide an introduction to the WaterMark Certification Scheme.


Voice Over: In this video we are going to discuss the Product Certification Scheme, WaterMark.

[Music plays and the WaterMark title page and logo appears.  A voice over (male) is heard]

Voice Over: WaterMark is a mandatory scheme for the certification of plumbing and drainage products.

[Image changes and the WaterMark logo zooms towards, and then passed, camera. An image of a house with four rooms is briefly displayed]

Voice Over: It provides assurance to consumers that plumbing and drainage systems work properly and the water you use is safe.

[Image changes and reveals and woman, holding a glass under the sink tap.  A plumber turns on the tap, water fills the glass and the woman drinks the water]

Voice Over: The National Construction Code, or NCC, is made up of three Volumes. Volumes One and Two are the Building Code of Australia. Volume Three is the Plumbing Code of Australia, or PCA.

[Image changes and a computer monitor is revealed, first displaying the NCC logo and then the three NCC Volume logos.  A cursor appears and clicks on the NCC Volume Three logo]

Voice Over: The PCA requires certain plumbing and drainage materials and products to be certified and authorised for use in a plumbing or drainage installation.

[Images changes and the structure of a house is revealed.  Water travels through a pipe throughout the house.  As it does, various plumbing products (e.g. bath, shower, toilet) appear. A “100% Approved” stamp then appears over the house]

Voice Over: Just so you know, the WaterMark Certification Scheme, or WaterMark, is a national scheme managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board or ABCB, on behalf of the State and Territory Plumbing regulators.

[Image changes and a map of Australia appears. The map splits into the states and territories and the ABCB logo appears.  The map then reforms]

Voice Over: So what is WaterMark?

[Image changes and a droplet containing the text “What is WaterMark” falls from a pipe (in the shape of a question mark) and zooms to the centre of screen]

WaterMark is a scheme that ensures that plumbing materials and products are fit for purpose and appropriately authorised for use in plumbing and drainage installations. This means that a material or product has been tested and evaluated to an approved product specification and certified by an accredited organisation.

[Image changes and a clipboard with a checklist appears.  As various plumbing products flick through the screen, ticks appear down the checklist]

Voice Over: These accredited organisations are called WaterMark Conformity Assessment Bodies, or WaterMark CABs for short (pronounced “cabs”).  Links to each of the WaterMark CABs can be found on the WaterMark website.

[Image changes and a computer monitor, displaying the WaterMark website, appears. The cursor moves to click on and open the Conformity Assessment Bodies page]

Voice Over: The ABCB has another YouTube video called ‘WaterMark Certified Products’. This outlines what products require WaterMark certification and how to find out if they do.

[Image holds on the computer monitor and the cursors moves to click on and open the page displaying the WaterMark Certified Products video]

Voice Over: For further information about WaterMark or to find out how to have a product certified, visit the WaterMark website.

[Image changes to first show the WaterMark logo and website and then the ABCB logo and website]