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Pipes – Metallic

Product type

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Lead Free Applies

Copper alloy pipe

Round seamless copper alloy tubes intended for use in pressure and non-pressure plumbing and drainage applications as follows:

  1. Brass tubes intended primarily for sanitary plumbing services; and
  2. Copper nickel tubes intended primarily for water services.

AS 3795 Copper alloy tubes for plumbing and drainage applications



Copper pipe

Round seamless copper tubes intended for use in pressure and non-pressure plumbing and drainage applications.

Note: Product testing specific to gas products are not required.

AS 1432 Copper tubes for plumbing, gasfitting and drainage applications



Ductile Iron pipe

Ductile iron pressure pipes centrifugally cast in moulds, and ductile iron fittings of nominal sizes up to and including DN 750. Pipes intended primarily for conveying water under pressure, but may be used for conveying sewage or other liquids.

AS/NZS 2280 Ductile iron pipes and fittings



Stainless steel pipe


Stainless steel pipes and tubes in the range of DN 15 to DN 300 used in hot and cold water supply systems.

AS 5200.053 Stainless steel pipes and tubes for pressure applications

Note: See NoD 2017/4.3



Pipes for non-pressure applications in the operating temperature range from - 40 C to 100 C.

AS 3495 Authorization requirements for plumbing products - Stainless steel non-pressure pipes and fittings



Stainless steel/nano-antibiotic

PP-R pipe

Composite piping system consisting of a stainless steel outer casing bonded to an inner layer of polypropylene (PP-R), which includes a contact layer of nano-antibiotic material for use in cold and heated water supply systems at continuous operating temperatures up to 80°C with short exposures up to 100°C and continuous working pressures not exceeding 1.4 MPa.

WMTS-473 Stainless steel/nano-antibiotic PP-R pipe systems for water supply applications



Cast Iron pipe

Cast iron pipeline components used for the construction of discharge systems for buildings and of drains, normally as gravity systems. Nominal sizes are inclusive of DN 40 to 600.

EN 877 Cast iron pipes and fittings



Grey cast iron pipe

Cast grey iron (flake graphite) non-pressure pipes and fittings up to nominal size DN 300, intended to be used where the internal working pressure is negligible.

AS 1631 Cast grey and ductile iron non-pressure pipes and fittings



Aluminium alloy pipe

Aluminium alloy piping for the conveyance of water in sizes ranging from DN 15 to DN 150, with an internal plastics lining for above-ground applications. For use at operating temperatures up to 70°C, operating pressures (inclusive surge) of 1920 kPa and a maximum allowable site test pressure of 2000 kPa.

WMTS-491 Aluminium alloy piping system with plastics lining for plumbing water services applications