Lighting Calculator NCC 2016 Volume One and Two

The Lighting Calculator has been designed to assist users with checking compliance with the NCC's elemental Deemed-to-Satisfy energy efficiency Provisions for lighting, for use with NCC 2014, NCC 2015 and NCC 2016. It assists in developing a better understanding of lighting energy efficiency parameters and, if used correctly, the ABCB believe it will produce accurate results.

The Excel spreadsheet contains two separate worksheets for use with different building classifications. The first is titled 'Residential Lighting Calculator' and applies to Class 1 buildings, Class 10 buildings verandas and balconies (associated with Class 1 buildings), as well as sole-occupancy units of a Class 2 building or Class 4 part of a building. The second spreadsheet is titled 'Non-Residential Lighting Calculator', which covers all remaining building classifications.

The calculator is provided "as is" without representation or warranty of any kind, including that it is fit for purpose or of merchantable quality or functions as intended or at all. Your use of the Lighting Calculator is entirely the user's own risk and the ABCB accepts no liability of any kind.

This calculator has been created and designed for Excel 2013 for Windows. Compatibility with other versions and operating systems is not guaranteed.

This calculator is for use with NCC 2016 Volume One and Two.

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