A register of editorial corrections made by the ABCB to NCC 2022. Editorial corrections do not change the effect of the provisions.

11.2023 Corporate

This document is intended to clearly set out our commitment to building and retaining the
long-term confidence and trust of the people and organisations who have an interest in

04.2023 Corporate

This strategic plan will see the Board delivering significant reform to the NCC to reflect the emerging needs of society such as energy efficiency, accessible housing, and exploring changes to impr

11.2022 Corporate

This corrigendum provides a correction to the preview draft of NCC 2022 Volume One.

07.2022 Corporate

This corrigendum changes expiry dates contained in NCC 2019 and NCC 2019 Amendment 1 relevant to some NCC referenced documents.

04.2022 Corporate

This table lists the work streams and projects of the Building Confidence Report Implementation Team.

12.2021 Corporate

This Deed, completed by the developers of a WMTS, provides confirmation to the Administering Body that all intellectual property rights within the WMTS are assigned to the ABCB.

11.2021 Corporate

This discussion paper provides a draft Guide on evidence of experience for building surveyor registration, and seeks feedback on how the guide can be improved to ensure each element of the proposed

07.2021 Corporate