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12.2022 Template

This template must be used when submitting a proposal to change the NCC. This template is compatible with Windows Word 2007 or later, and Word for Mac 2011.

09.2022 Template

This Guideline assists in developing a proposal to change the NCC. It describes the information that should be included when completing a Proposal for Change (PFC) form.

07.2021 Template

A pdf/image of the Certificate of Conformity (CofC) template is available for download. This is a preview of the template only.

07.2021 Template

This template should be used when developing a new WaterMark Technical Specification (WMTS). The template has been designed to allow for Word processing and WMTS formatting.

07.2021 Template

This Guide provides an explanation on the importance of early-stage analysis of proposals to change the NCC and gives detailed guidance on how to undertake a Preliminary Impact Analysis.

06.2021 Template