In Australia, most plumbing and drainage products must ne WaterMark certified. The WaterMark means that products are safe, fit for purpose and suitable for use.

Look for the WaterMark before you buy or install plumbing and drainage products.


What do you look for in a bathroom?

Stylish lines?

Modern colours?

Plenty of natural light?

A good source of fresh air?

What you should be looking for is the WaterMark.


Just because a product looks good, doesn't mean it is good.

And you’ll find it on the tap

its fittings

and the shower head.

In fact most plumbing and drainage products installed in Australia must be WaterMark certified.

A licensed plumber simply can’t fit it if it’s not.

Every certified product must come with a WaterMark logo and licence number

included on the product when sold.

WaterMark is a mandatory scheme for plumbing and drainage products,

and it means that products have been tested and certified

to make sure that they work properly and the water you use is safe.

So how do you know if it's WaterMark certified?

The product and its licence details will be listed in the WaterMark Product Database

located on the WaterMark website at

The database allows you to search for certificates and products

by WaterMark licence number,

brand name,

model name,

model ID,

licensee name

or product description.

Some problems are harder to see than others, so always make sure that it’s safe and fit for purpose,

and always look for the WaterMark.