Some problems with plumbing products aren’t always obvious.

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LOOK for the WaterMark... on plumbing and drainage products

What is the WaterMark Certification Scheme?

WaterMark is a mandatory national product certification scheme for specified plumbing and drainage products to ensure they are fit for purpose and safe for use. Products covered by WaterMark are first evaluated and certified against product specifications, and then listed on the WaterMark product database.

This scheme is managed and administered by the Australian Building Codes Board on behalf of the state and territory plumbing regulators, helping consumers and plumbers find authorised products.

Did you know, in Australia most plumbing and drainage products must be WaterMark certified prior to installation?

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How do I find out if a product is WaterMark certified?

The easiest way to check whether a product is certified is to look for the visible WaterMark ‘W’ on products.

This ‘W’ indicates that a material or product has been tested and evaluated to an approved product specification and certified by an accredited organisation.

Below are two examples of what to look for. The markings can be found in red, black, white or even etched onto a product.

If you can’t find the WaterMark ‘W’ on a product, search the WaterMark Product Database to confirm the product you want to buy or install is WaterMark certified.

How do I use the WaterMark product database?

The WaterMark product database lists thousands of certified plumbing and drainage products, so you can check which products are WaterMark certified and safe to use in your next installation.

  1. To search for a product, visit the WaterMark product database
  2. Enter either your product's licence number, product model ID, model name or brand name, and select search
  3. Scroll down to check if your product is listed and certified.

What about installation?

It is legal to sell non-WaterMark certified plumbing and drainage products in Australia. However, if the product type is listed on the WaterMark Schedule of products, but is not WaterMark certified, a licensed plumber is not permitted to install it.

Also, if a non-WaterMark certified product is installed where a WaterMark certified product is required by the National Construction Code, Volume Three (also known as the Plumbing Code of Australia), the local plumbing authority may not accept the installation.

What are the consequences of not using WaterMark certified products?

Some consequences of not using WaterMark certified products, where required include:

  • product failure resulting in possible contamination of domestic and community water supply
  • costs of replacing materials
  • product failure resulting in possible building damage and loss possible voided insurance.

Further information

Further information about the WaterMark Certification Scheme can be found on its website.